Is Raleigh, NC a Safe Place to Live? (Crime Statistics)
Is Raleigh, NC, a safe place to live? Here is information about Raleigh crime statistics, the safe neighborhoods in Raleigh, and tips and tricks on how to stay safe in Raleigh.
August 05th, 2023
15 Things To Know BEFORE Moving to Raleigh NC {2023 Guide}
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September 05th, 2023
How to Sell a Home During a Divorce
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November 07th, 2023
How to Avoid Foreclosure On Your House in Raleigh, NC
How to AVOID FORECLOSURE with government funded programs, and solutions that your lending institution may offer!
November 07th, 2023
Fastest Growing Cities in North Carolina
Are you intersted in moving to North Carolina and want to know what the fastest-growing cities are here? Check out Apex, Concord, Fuquay-Varina, and Leland.
November 07th, 2023
10 Takeaways: How Schools Impact Home Values
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November 03rd, 2023
11 Takeaways: What is a Buyer's Agent in Real Estate?
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November 03rd, 2023
10 Steps to Saving for a Down Payment on a House
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November 02nd, 2023
7 Best Ways to Boost Curb Appeal
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November 02nd, 2023
What is the Cost of Living in North Carolina?
Are you looking to move to North Carolina and wondering if it is an expensive place to live? Let's look a little deeper into the cost of living in North Carolina, the average household income, and typical expenses.
November 01st, 2023
7 Real Estate Investing Tips BEFORE you Start
Want to get Rich Quick? Real Estate Investing is NOT for you. For everyone else, here are some great tips to get started to ensure you're buying a great investment!
October 30th, 2023
10 Surprising Tips to Use When Negotiating Real Estate
10 Surprising Tips When Negotiating on a Home! Buying a Home can be scary make sure you arm yourself with the right strategy to negotiate the best deal!
October 30th, 2023
7 Most Expensive Cities in North Carolina
If you are considering a move to North Carolina and want to stay away or live in the most expensive cities, check out Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Asheville, and Boone.
October 30th, 2023