Raleigh Real Estate Trends + Forecast for 2022
In 2022, Raleigh real estate trends show that homes sell in less time and for below the national average price while their value increases.
October 04th, 2022
7 Tips: How to Measure Square Footage of a House
Want to measure the square footage of a home? Here are 9 things you need to know about how to calculate sqaure footage correctly!
October 03rd, 2022
Home Buyer's Guide to Closing Costs in North Carolina
Closing costs in North Carolina sit just below the national average at 1.1% of the home sale price, but what is included in these costs?
September 02nd, 2022
12 Hidden Costs When Buying a House
Hidden Costs when Purchasing a Home There are hidden costs when buying a home, including closing costs, insurance, or utility costs. When many buyers consider the cost of purchasing a home, the mortg...
August 20th, 2022
7 Ways to Get Rid of Mold in your Home
Mold Remediation Tips and Tricks Here are seven areas of your home where you can find the mold and some tips and tricks for getting rid of it! Mold. What is it? How do you get rid of it,...
August 20th, 2022
What are Millennial Homebuyers Looking For?
Millennial Homebuyers Millennial homebuyers are on the rise, and for good reason - interest rates are still historically low. With the increase in student loan debt, frequent career shifts, and livin...
August 19th, 2022
FSBO vs. Realtor Statistics
Most FSBO sellers forego a realtor in an effort to save money, but these FSBO vs. realtor statistics prove the benefits likely won’t outweigh the costs.
August 16th, 2022
How To Buy a House With No Money
Buying a home means creating a space of your own. It's independence, hosting dinner parties, planting a garden, and a long-term financial commitment. If you’re ready to put down roots an...
August 16th, 2022
7 Major Home Inspection Issues {2022}
BEFORE you buy a home you'll want to make sure there are none of these 7 major home inspection issues!
July 31st, 2022
What’s the Cost of Living in Raleigh, North Carolina?
The cost of living in Raleigh, North Carolina is less than other American cities when you compare costs for utilities, food, healthcare, transportation, and more.
July 20th, 2022
What Does a Screened in Patio Cost?
How much does a screened-in patio cost? This guide will provide average costs that you can expect to see when building your ideal screened-in patio.
July 12th, 2022
11 New Construction Home Buying Tips: How To Buy a New House
If you're wondering - How Do I Buy A New Construction Home? This is an article you can't afford not to read!
May 30th, 2022