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April 10th, 2022

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Budget-Friendly Glam Room Ideas | Raleigh Realty

How To Create Your Dream "Glam Room" on a Budget

Have you always dreamed of a walk-in closet or a room dedicated to your makeup and skincare products? Now’s the perfect time to turn that spare bedroom or extra closet space into your very own glam room.

If you’re an influencer or use social media for your small business, then you’ll appreciate this type of well-lit, functional, and aesthetically pleasing space to work in. Plus, creating a glam room can be great photo content for your social media feed.

Don't let the word "glam" scare you; anyone can have a glam room or a private area for getting ready and storing all of your beauty essentials, regardless of budget.

Build Your Dream Room From Scratch

If you have the exciting opportunity to build your own home or buy a newly constructed home, you can customize your glam room from the ground up. Of course, with that flexibility comes research and planning.

That means you'll need to consider things like the dimensions you're working with, finishes, light sources, soundproofing, and most importantly, staying within your budget. 

Map Out the Right Dimensions

Before anything else, determine the square footage of your space. You can measure the square footage yourself, but if someone else is building your home for you, they will typically do all the hard measurements on your behalf.

If you have special ideas for your glam room, like a makeup vanity or an extra-large mirror, it could be worth getting those measurements before the room is completed. That way, you can run the measurements by your builder to ensure everything will fit or to make sure adjustments can be made while there’s still time to do so. 

Pick Budget-friendly Finishes

Gone are the days when everything had to be made of solid wood and granite tile to be considered high-end.

Now you can pull off a luxury look for an affordable price. Some of the most popular budget-friendly finishes circulating social media right now are: adding contact paper to your countertops for a DIY marble look, picking up an MDF vanity desk from Ikea, or even some cute stick-on tile to cover up cheap laminate floors or plain walls. 

Happy couple working on plans for redecorating a room

Consider Natural Light Sources

Lighting can be expensive. Especially during the construction process, it can feel like each wiring job or electrical addition adds hundreds of dollars to the overall price tag.

This makes natural lighting a welcome option since it’s completely free. Be conscious of window placement or even skylight options to supplement any electrical installations. 

Soundproof the Walls

Soundproofing can seem a little extra, but you'll be glad you did it. A glam room is a special place for you to be alone and collect yourself for the day. Alternatively, if you are using the space for an influencer or social media videos, sound-dampening is a must. 

Adding carpeting or rugs to the space is the baseline for beginner soundproofing. Beyond there, ask your builder if they have any soundproofing suggestions, like extra insulation options or tools like resilient sound clips that can help control vibrations and structure-borne noises that most walls endure. 

Whatever you do, ensure the additions you make to your new home and glam room align with your lifestyle and how you intend to use the space. You shouldn't feel obligated to add anything that you don't believe is practical or that you wouldn't utilize regularly.

Upgrade an Existing Space

No one knows your home better than you do, and that means that you can also see the diamond that might be in the rough. If you’re interested in updating an existing space to meet your needs, you’ll want to consider a couple of key options. 

Use Space-saving Tools

There are many ways to make a smaller closet space work for your fashion collection. Some of the simplest things you can use are space-saving tools like over-the-door hooks or a variety of hangers. 

Throughout this process, ask yourself what you want to be organized and hidden away, and what you want to display. Many influencers choose to forgo a multi-level shoe rack and instead display their shoes proudly on a 'shoe wall' with individual shoe shelves. 

Feel free to get creative as you explore the wide variety of space-saving options out there.

Convert an Unused Guest Room 

Individuals often get discouraged by thinking that their bathroom or closet could never become a glam room because of its size. However, no one ever said this room had to be attached to your bathroom at all. 

Consider unused rooms or guest rooms in your house as another excellent option. A glam room should provide you with enough space to get ready and focus on yourself. Most bathrooms simply aren't large (or, if you live with others, private) enough to support that, making any unused rooms in your home a great option.

Add a Room Divider to a Large Room

Let's say you actually do have extra space in your home, but not in the right places. If you only use half of the area in your master bedroom, then it could be a good candidate for a room divider. 

When most people hear about dividers they probably think of tacky or cheap-looking options from their school days or church. However, some great, affordable dividers can make it look like your room was designed to be segmented when it was originally built.

Switch Out Finishes 

In addition to the finishes mentioned above, it’s important to re-emphasize that existing surfaces can always be redone to create an entirely new experience. Beyond a new coat of paint or the adding of an affordable retexture, consider obtaining some of your new materials second-hand.

Whether it's new appliances or even handles for furniture, many items can be reused or repurposed for a fraction of their original cost. Plus, you can still find items in excellent, if not seemingly new, condition. As long as you're willing to hunt a little, you can find unique treasures at a thrift store. 

A couple celebrating as they continue to redecorate and create a new room

Add Proper Lighting

While lighting installation during the construction process can be expensive, adding lighting into a home via lamps or light strips can be extremely affordable. One of the most common additions in homes is buying LED strips online and adding them behind existing desks, mirrors, or televisions. They typically arrive with adhesives already applied and can be changed to a wide array of colors with the click of a button.

If you’ll be using this room to shoot videos or take photos, you probably already own a ring light. But if not, you should consider purchasing a ring light for your glam room. They can also be found online for a relatively cheap price, but if it's not in your budget, you can try adding light strips around your mirror or vanity to achieve a similar effect. 

Put Your Spin on What It Means to Be Glam

Ultimately, it’s up to you to define what a "glam room" means to you. It could be to match the culture of your new neighborhood or your eco-friendly haven in your dream home. It could be somewhere for you to get ready each morning for a Zoom call or where you chat with your followers on a live feed each day. 

However, you choose to prepare and enjoy your glam room, remember that there’s no need to break the bank to create it. Let your inspiration and creativity flow safely within your budget when updating and decorating your space.

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