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Find the newest real estate listings and homes for sale in Apex with Raleigh Realty. On this page, you can view every property for sale in Apex, photos, listing details, school information, and more. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to find a home you'll love in Apex. Our local Apex Realtors are ready to assist you, whether selling your house in Apex or helping you find a great property that suits your lifestyle. We are standing by to help, and please don't hesitate to call us at 919-249-8536!
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Information About Apex Real Estate

Homes for Sale Apex, NC

With around 45,000 people living in Apex, NC, you might be shocked at how the city can keep that small-town feel. 

Mother nature does a lot of favors for Apex with beautiful trees, lakes, and wildlife.

With a consistent ranking in the top 10 for best places to live, it is no surprise to the residents of Apex that their city is one of the best places to live in North Carolina and one of the safest as well.

The city is located in Wake County, just south of Cary. The town of Apex received its name as the highest point on the Chatham Railroad route that stretched from Richmond, Virginia, to Jacksonville, Florida. It is a great place to relocate because although it is a smaller town, there is always something to do in Apex. From the fine dining and shopping downtown, or the parks and trails in the area. 

One of the excellent parts about Apex is being able to witness the growth the town is experiencing. Once a little town with 4,000 people in 1990 is now home to over 45,000 residents and poised to experience more growth. There's a reason why the population has grown over 1,000% in just 20 years!

School District

As a part of Wake County, Apex is home to top-notch public schools from elementary to high school. Many people relocate to Apex precisely because of how great the schools in the Raleigh area are.

Knowing which school district you want to buy a home in makes searching for a house much easier. Raleigh Realty takes that one step further by allowing you to search specifically by elementary school, middle school, and high school for all available Apex homes for sale. You can't beat the functionality and ease of use on our website when shopping for real estate, as our data is updated every 15 minutes by the Triangle MLS.

If you are uncertain whether the home is in the right school district, the Wake County Public school website has provided an address lookup feature that will help you.

Top Apex Realtor®

When selling or purchasing real estate, you will want to make sure that you work with a top local Realtor® in Apex, NC. There are a lot of Realtors® who will travel long distances or only work part-time in the real estate industry, be careful before you sign with just any Realtor®. Make sure they are an expert in the area and understand the inventory of homes for sale, average selling price, and other significant local real estate trends.

Buying a House

If you're searching to buy a home in Apex, you will want to know as much information as possible about the community and the process of buying a house. Whether you're shopping for a home in a luxury community or a new construction home, working with a professional Realtor® who knows the area will save you thousands of dollars and a lot of unnecessary headaches.

The real estate in Apex sells fast, especially when it's a great deal, so you'll need to ensure a lender has prequalified you before you are serious about buying a home. A strong Realtor® will ensure you find the home of your dreams, and part of that process is knowing what you can afford and showing the sellers that you came to buy with a pre-qualification letter.

Selling a House

Part of what separates Raleigh Realty from other brokerages is our commitment to understanding technology and buyer personas. If we are selling a home in a luxury community, we ensure our marketing dollars are targeted towards executives who may be relocating vs. young professionals. If you want to sell your home, interview more than one Real Estate Agent for the job. Even if you interview us first, we want you to question others. Understanding what professionals in the industry will go a long way in making the right decision for you.

Apex Real Estate Market

Understanding what is going on in the local real estate market is essential. Raleigh Realty releases monthly columns that give users the ability to obtain important information in an easily accessible manner. We use infographics and videos to display real estate trends. Informed people make informed decisions whether they are buying or selling property. 

As a part of Wake County and the greater Raleigh area, Apex housing trends move similarly to its surrounding cities. If you want hyper-local reports based on neighborhoods, we are happy to go over those statistics with you; it makes sense that you would like to know them, especially if you're planning to sell your house.

Neighborhood Information

Do you already know what neighborhood you would like to buy in? If not, you'll want to find the areas you like before you find the house you want to buy. The town of Apex offers excellent options for purchasing real estate in incredible communities. If you're a bit uncertain of what society is suitable for you or what area of Raleigh you want to live in, give us a call, and we will help you to understand what each place is like.

Luxury Homes

Buying or selling luxury real estate requires a top local Realtor®. The fact that a couple of percentage points can be the difference between tens of thousands of dollars, it's an important decision to find the best Realtor® for the job. Luxury real estate comes with added benefits thanks to the price point whether it's a golfing community or a neighborhood filled with amenities such as pools, tennis courts, and parks. 

New Construction Homes

One of the fastest growing cities in the Raleigh area, an Apex developer recently spent 11 million dollars to build new communities. Bella Casa is one of the top new communities in Apex that offers new construction homes for sale. Some of the best builders in Apex are on the job, trying to keep up with the population growth. If you live in Apex, you're aware that one day there is land the next day, there is a brand new development, whether it's homes or commercial properties. For those relocating to the area, it won't take long for you to experience the growth of Apex and how fast new home communities are going up.

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