11 Tips For Getting a Jump Start On Spring Cleaning

February 09th, 2024

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11 Tips For Getting a Jump Start On Spring Cleaning

Get Started On Spring Cleaning 

Are you ready to start spring cleaning? Here are eleven tips to kick-start spring cleaning your house! 

As spring approaches and the weather gets warmer, it is time to start preparing for spring cleaning. This annual practice of deep cleaning a home typically happens in the spring since it is a great way to refresh and reset after the cold winter months. 

Not only do studies prove that cleaning makes you happier and boosts your mood, but removing dust and cleaning your environment will help you feel more comfortable and relaxed in your home. 

While cleaning might not be your first idea of a fun time, spring cleaning is an important ritual and annual occurrence for most households. In our opinion — nothing is better than living in a freshly cleaned home. 

Since cleaning your home from top to bottom may not seem easy, it is important to have a plan and overall idea of where to start to make this project more manageable. From decluttering to organizing, here are eleven tips for getting a jump start on spring cleaning, especially if you want to sell your home soon

Whether you have a few days or an entire week to dedicate to spring cleaning, your home will be squeaky clean in no time if you follow these cleaning tips

1. Make a Cleaning Checklist 

Putting together a cleaning checklist is the first thing that you should do when starting spring cleaning. Since cleaning the whole house can be overwhelming, a checklist will help keep everything organized and provide you with a visual of what needs to be completed. 

While this step by step guide is great for spring cleaning, it can also be a useful tool throughout the whole year to keep track of tasks. Whether you simply write out a checklist or create one online by downloading a free template, this is a great resource to have.

Since a cleaning checklist might differ per person and household, it is ideal to list out all of your big and important tasks first, followed by any smaller tasks. A cleaning checklist can also be listed out by day if you want to be even more organized during spring cleaning.  

Make a cleaning checklist for spring cleaning so that you know what to prioritize

2. Declutter First 

Before you start getting your cleaning supplies together, it is best to start decluttering and removing any unnecessary items from your living space. Not only will this allow you more room to deep clean, but it will make your home feel lighter, especially if you are trying to downsize.

Decluttering is the process of removing any unnecessary items from a space and deciding where they belong. This can simply be organizing items or donating items that are no longer used to make your home more pleasant. 

Not only does decluttering help simplify your life, but it also decreases stress and boosts productivity. 

3. Wash Windows 

Do not forget to clean your windows. The best way to conquer this task is to raise the blinds and wipe down the windows with glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. 

To avoid leaving streaks, do not clean the windows when they are facing the sun. Instead, start on the shadier side of your home or wait until late evening once the sun has moved away to avoid another round of cleaning. 

Woman washing the windows in her home standing on a ladder

4. Clean Underneath and Behind Furniture 

During regular cleanings, it is easy to forget about dusting and vacuuming underneath and behind furniture. During spring cleaning, moving furniture in order to reach those hard-to-get places will be worth the extra effort to achieve a nice and clean home.  

If you live with pets, fur can pile up under furniture over time and dust, which is why it is so important to clean these areas. If your furniture sits on hardwood floors, it might be a good idea to use furniture sliders in order to vacuum, sweep the area, or use an extension duster. 

5. Wash Cabinets and Baseboards 

Washing cabinets and baseboards might be a tedious task but it is a job that will make the house seem cleaner and feel fresher. Cleaning them will make a huge difference, so adding it to your cleaning checklist is ideal. 

The best way to clean baseboards and cabinets is by first removing any dust and then filling a bucket full of soap, vinegar, and warm water. Using a sponge or cloth, wipe the cabinets and baseboards down. Make sure to dry them afterward with a towel. 

6. Clean Out Your Refrigerator 

The fridge can get dirty fast, especially with everyday use, so it is important to deep clean it every now and then. Not only should you wipe down the fridge interior, but during spring cleaning, you should go one step further and pop out the shelves and bins to wash them in warm, soapy water. 

Even though National Clean Out Your Refridgerator Day is November 15th, spring cleaning is also a great time to throw away any old food. Once your fridge is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, place a bowl of baking soda inside the fridge for a couple of hours to make your fridge smell great. 

Woman cleaning out her refrigerator and washing the inside

7. Clean Your Dishwasher 

Cleaning your dishwasher is a preventative step in home maintenance and should be completed not just during spring cleaning but preferably every 30 days. Though this may seem like a silly chore, cleaning your dishwasher will help prevent the buildup of detergent and will ensure that the machine runs effectively. 

Regular cleanings keep it from smelling, but they will also ensure that your dishes come out clean and sparkling. The first thing that you need to do is clear the drain at the bottom of the dish rack, then place a dishwasher-safe container of white vinegar in the upper rack of the machine and sprinkle one cup of baking soda at the bottom before running it on a hot water cycle. 

Did you know that your dishwasher has a filter that must be cleaned? Found at the bottom of the machine, it is recommended that the dishwasher filter be cleaned every three to six months by running water over the filter. 

8. Clean Your Washing Machine 

Much like cleaning a dishwasher, it can be easy to forget about cleaning your washing machine. Whether you have a top-loading or front-loading machine, your washing machine deserves a good cleaning, especially during spring cleaning. 

To prevent the buildup of soils and to keep the machine running smoothly, it is recommended that you clean your washing machine every month or at least after every 30 washing cycles

It is time to clean your machine if you notice your clothes smelling weird or visible mildew buildup. The best and easiest way to do this is to remove all clothes, throw in a cleaning tablet, and run the machine on the cleaning cycle.

Alternatively, two cups of vinegar can be added to the detergent dispenser and one-half cup of baking soda can be added to the drum before running the machine on a hot cycle. 

9. Dust 

Dusting can be a struggle but it is also one of the most essential parts of spring cleaning. Since dust can cause allergies, coughing, eye irritation, and sneezing, getting rid of it will help the look of your home and your health and wellness. 

Dust collects on furniture surfaces over time and, if not dealt with, can make your home and beautiful furniture look uncared for. Once all items have been removed from the piece of furniture that you will be dusting, use a dry or slightly damp microfiber cloth or even a vacuum with a dusting brush attachment to get the job done. 

Woman dusting a mirror and lights in a bathroom

10. Pack Away Winter Clothes 

With spring just around the corner, packing away large and bulky winter coats and clothes will open up more room in your closet for all of your spring and summer clothes. Getting a head start on spring cleaning by tackling your winter wardrobe will help you declutter and organize. 

While you can certainly keep all of your winter clothes in your closet all year long, separating your winter clothing from your other items is to make room for all of the clothes you are currently wearing. This is also a great time to go through your winter wardrobe and ask yourself whether or not you will wear it again next winter. 

When packing away winter clothes, make sure to wash your clothing beforehand and choose the right storage. Plastic storage bins and garment bags are the best options for storage since they provide lots of room and good airflow during the summer months. 

11. Replace Air Filters 

Did you know that air filters in your home should be replaced every three months? For homes with multiple pets and people with allergies, HVAC companies recommend changing your filters every 20 to 45 days. 

Luckily, replacing air filters is easy and can be completed in minutes. The hardest part is finding the right-sized filters and actually purchasing them. Once you have located where the air filter is and have unhooked the latch on the cover grille, insert a new filter in the right direction and secure the latch. 

Spring Cleaning Supplies 

Before you start spring cleaning, make sure that you conduct an inventory of your current cleaning supplies and make a list of what you still need to complete all of the tasks on your cleaning checklist.

Here are common supplies that you will need when getting a jump start on spring cleaning: 

  • Microfiber cloths 
  • Sponges 
  • Scrub brushes 
  • Mop 
  • Vacuum 
  • Broom 
  • Dustpan 
  • Paper towels 
  • Bucket 
  • Garbage bags 
  • Glass cleaner 
  • Disinfectant spray 
  • Multi-surface cleaner 
  • Dish soap 
  • Toilet bowl cleaner 
  • Distilled white vinegar 
  • Toilet brush 
  • Plastic gloves 

Gather all cleaning supplies and store them in a caddy


We used data from several sources, including Home Depot, HGTV, Wake Health, and Today, to help determine the top tips for getting a jump start on spring cleaning. 


What month should I start spring cleaning? 

The best time to get a head start on spring cleaning is in the months of March or April. As the weather starts getting warm and breezy, this is a good time to start decluttering and refresh your home. 

How to do spring cleaning fast? 

To tackle spring cleaning fast and efficiently, it is a good idea to make a cleaning checklist so that you know what needs to be done. Make sure to gather all your cleaning supplies together so that you know what you have and still need. 

How long does it take to spring clean a house? 

Depending on the size of your home, spring cleaning should generally take five to seven days if you have a large single-family home and only two to three days for a small apartment. 

Tips For Getting a Jump Start On Spring Cleaning - Final Thoughts 

Once you have all of your supplies and have made your cleaning checklist, spring cleaning your home can commence. Though it may seem like a lot of work, the result will be worth it since you will be left with a freshly clean home that looks nice and smells nice. 

Spring cleaning can also be a great way to involve the whole family. Divy up the tasks between your significant other or kids so that the chores get done faster. 

Cleaning is a tip to sell your home fast and makes homeowners feel comfortable in their space. Whether you live in Raleigh or are considering a move to the Triangle area, contact the experts at Raleigh Realty for more tips and information about buying or selling. 

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