How to Host a Great Open House as a Realtor

How to Host a Great Open House as a Realtor

How to Host a Great Open House as a Realtor

Are you getting ready to host an open house as a realtor? Here is everything you need to know as a realtor to host a great open house.

Realtors have many things to consider when selling a home, and hosting a great open house should be at the top of that list. In real estate, an open house is an event where prospective buyers can tour a home listed for sale. As a realtor, this is your time to shine.

Being a successful realtor requires diverse skills unlike any other profession. Buyers and sellers alike will need your expertise to make the right decision. When selling a home, an open house is when you can showcase your skills as a realtor to obtain the highest price possible for your clients. 

Typically, the seller's listing agent holds the open house, though successful Real Estate Agents usually have a team, and one team member will keep the open house. 

When it comes time for the open house, other than the deep cleaning, most of the responsibility will fall on you as the realtor. Ensure you are prepared by following these simple steps as a realtor to host a great open house. 

Keep reading to learn all about how you can host a great open house as a realtor.

1. Advertising 

First and foremost, when selling a home, advertising is the number one way to host a great open house as a realtor. You can start by telling sellers to invite people or inviting the neighbors, but you shouldn't rely solely on word-of-mouth. The key is to have several different methods of advertising.

You have probably seen directional signs in neighborhoods pointing you to an open house. This is a great way to attract potential buyers and lead them to the home's location. Make sure to research the homeowner's association (HOA) and comply with any rules.

Recently, social media has blown up, and many Real Estate Agents are taking advantage of this new advertising method. According to the National Association of Realtors, 77% of realtors use social media for their business. Announce the open house on a platform with inviting photos of the property to grab the attention of potential buyers. Digital marketing has become a vital component in generating leads and closing deals. 

In addition, you can add information about an open house to real estate websites like Zillow or These popular sites attract many potential buyers and allow you to show the house through a virtual tour. Ensure your ad provides enough information and excites buyers to see the home. 

Learn how to host a great open house as a realtor

2. Pick the Ideal Day and Time

Another way to host a great open house as a realtor is to pick the day and time strategically. You don't want to choose a time during the week when most buyers will be at work, so the weekends may be the best day. 

Typically, Sunday is the traditional day to host an open house. Weekends will accommodate most buyers' work schedules, and Sundays are usually the least busy. The afternoon might also be your best bet, as many people attend church in the morning. 

Of course, you can hold an open house simultaneously on the same day. The best time to host an open house would be mid-morning to early afternoon or evening between 5 pm and 7 pm.

Consider the time the home hits the market. You can generate more excitement for the home by scheduling the open house for the first day the house is on the market. Many realtors also plan to open houses on the first Sunday after the home is officially on the market.

This is when advertising is vital; you want to generate as much excitement as possible before the open house.

3. Create a Seller Checklist

Before hosting the open house, conduct a walkthrough to find out the home's best features. This way, you can advise the seller on where they should focus on cleaning and staging certain areas. Ensure they know any areas to declutter, valuables to stow away, and furniture to rearrange.

Home staging doesn't have to be expensive either, and 81% of buyers say home staging makes visualizing the space as their own more manageable. 

The key to staging a home is making it so buyers can picture themselves living here. This means hiding any family photos or valuables. This is also important as open houses are open to anyone, and visible photos or valuables could present a security risk. 

Don't discount the home's exterior; boosting curb appeal is just as important as taking care of the outside of the house. This will set the home's first impression and is one of the most common selling mistakes

Additionally, make the sellers aware of any minor fixes that must be taken care of. This can include repainting one of the walls or fixing a creaky door. Keep in mind anything that might turn a buyer away, no matter how small it might be. 

Not only should you be preparing a seller's checklist, but you should also create your own with any important details you want to point out to potential buyers. 

Conduct a walk through to create a good seller checklist

4. Greet Guests as They Enter

As buyers enter the home, you want to make the best first impression possible. Ensure to greet each guest as they enter and let them know you are there to answer any questions or concerns. 

Many first-time home buyers aren't sure what to look for, so this is your time to help them through the process. 

Many realtors have a team, especially for larger homes. This way, you can have a realtor on each floor to guide buyers through the home. As a new realtor, you can contact experienced agents and ask if they need help at an open house to gain experience and advice

Try not to bombard them with too much conversation immediately, but make yourself available in case they have questions about the property. One of the best ways to do this is to prepare a pamphlet with important information. This is another way to market yourself, including your contact information or Real Estate company so they can view other homes online.

As they leave, consider creating goodie bags with the pamphlets if you haven't already handed them out. You can also make key chains or stickers; this can help create a lasting impression. 

5. Have Guests Sign-In

Another way to host a great open house as a realtor is to provide a sign-in sheet. Provide an online sign-in sheet; this way, you can send them updates and open up an accessible communication channel. 

Once they are all signed in, you can show them to a main room with refreshments, or if the house has a prominent feature, guide them towards there. Not only will this make them more likely to stay longer, but it is a great way to show hospitality and make the house feel homier. 

There are several apps to choose from that have different features and prices depending on what you need. You can display this on a tablet or create a QR code for guests to scan that takes them to the app. After the open house, follow up with guests who signed in. 

Greet guests and ensure they sign-in

6. Create a Virtual Open House

In addition to an open house, creating a virtual home tour is becoming increasingly popular. A video walkthrough of the home is not quite the same, but for those who aren't able to attend an in-person viewing, this is a great alternative. 

Many realtors turn to virtual tours on social media apps such as Instagram or TikTok. This will also create a buzz about the home, enticing people to see it for themselves once an open house is available. 

There are several tools you can use to create this virtual tool. The most popular would be your smartphone or live-stream it. Depending on your style, you can personalize this video by making it casual or professional. 

A great skill to have as a realtor is video editing, and this is when you can showcase those skills. No matter your video style, highlight the home's best features with good lighting, a clean house, and proper staging.

Virtual tours and open houses are great

7. Prepare Beforehand

Finally, the last step in hosting a great open house as a realtor is to be well prepared. You don't want buyers to ask any questions to which you don't know the answer. A walkthrough of the home before an open house is critical. Here, you can finalize your key selling points and become aware of any minor details buyers may want to know more about. 

Buyers will want to know the basics, like property tax and square footage. You can have this information in a pamphlet online or tell them in person. It is recommended to use all three to keep your message consistent. 

Consider researching the neighborhood and knowing your competition. If there are more affordable homes in the neighborhood, know what your home has that the other one doesn't. You can even identify where local grocery stores, schools, or job opportunities are in the area and include this in your pamphlet. 

If you are a new realtor, you can consider hosting another agent's open house to get into the habit. An experienced realtor can give you advice and help you get ahead while you're learning all the tricks and tips. 

Research the neighborhood to be well-prepared before an open house

FAQ: How to Host a Great Open House as a Realtor

What do you say when hosting an open house?

Always greet your guests as they walk in the door and introduce yourself. Encourage them to try any refreshments that you have to offer and to ask you any questions they might have about the home or if they want a personal tour. Make sure to include the last day you'll accept home offers. 

How do you stage a successful open house?

The key to staging a home is showcasing the home's best features. This is why it is essential to conduct a walkthrough beforehand; that way, you can identify the home's best features.

How should an agent prepare before an open house?

First, make sure all the rooms are tidy and have plenty of light. Next, address any smells; even try baking cookies to make the home smell good and for guests to eat. As guests arrive, have pamphlets to hand out that identify key points about the property and your contact information.

What are the best hours for open houses?

The best time to host an open house would be mid-morning to early afternoon or evening between 5 pm and 7 pm. This is when buyers will typically be off work, and the first Sunday after your home is listed is typically recommended.

How do you spice up an open house?

The key to hosting a great open house is making it memorable, which you can do in several ways. Try handing out goodie bags, hosting a raffle, providing refreshments, creating a virtual open house, or decorating for the holiday or season. 

How to Host a Great Open House as a Realtor - Final Thoughts

As the realtor, the sellers rely on you to sell their home. On top of marketing the house, this is the prime time to market yourself and grow your business. Remember that you shouldn't get distracted from speaking to prospective new clients and stay focused on the buyers who may want to buy the home. 

Selling a home fast requires a lot of preparation and attention to detail. You must ensure everything is up to par before buyers walk in the door. If you are attending an open house, it is a good idea to look out for some of these important tips for a realtor.

The homes in Raleigh are some of the best in North Carolina, and you'll want to exhibit all of their best features at an open house. There are many pros and cons of living in North Carolina, so make sure to carefully look over your options before moving into one of NC's best neighborhoods

As you search for your next home in the Triangle, feel free to contact one of our helpful Real Estate Specialists, as they are eager to help you find the perfect home. We know that selling and buying a home can be stressful and overwhelming, so make sure to reach out to us at Raleigh Realty beforehand. 

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