Is Raleigh Dog-Friendly?: The 7 Best Places to Take Your Dog in Raleigh, NC

December 28th, 2023

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Is Raleigh Dog-Friendly?: The 7 Best Places to Take Your Dog in Raleigh, NC

Is Raleigh Dog Friendly? The Best Places to Take Your Dog in Raleigh, NC

Do you live in Raleigh and are wondering if the city is dog-friendly and places to take your dog with you? Keep reading to learn more about things you can do with your fur friend. 

What is a better place to own a dog than Raleigh, the City of Oaks? Owning a dog here comes with many resources and things to do, from all the pet-friendly activities to enjoying the spacious Raleigh and fresh air. From condos to luxury homes, there are many places to live with your fur friend. 

If you live in Raleigh with a dog, you probably are wondering where you can go that is pet-friendly so your four-legged friends can enjoy the world around them as well. Thankfully, Raleigh is highly dog friendly; between the parks, trails, shopping, hotels, dining, and other things all throughout the city, there is something for your fur friends, too. 

Raleigh was named one of the top 30 pet-friendly cities in the nation by WalletHub. From all the spots for your animal to get pampered, socialize, or even rest, there is something for everyone, especially the four-legged friends. 

So, keep reading this guide on things to do with your dog in Raleigh to make the most of their time here as well. 

Here are the best things to do with your dog.

1. Dog Parks

Dog parks are a great way to let your dog burn off some energy as well as play with fellow dogs in the area. Raleigh is home to numerous dog parks that are located all throughout the city. Ranging from sizes, each park is an off-leash park and has water fountains. 

Each and every dog park differs from each other, and there are some throughout the entire city. No matter where you are located, there is a dog park in the area. Below are some of the most popular dog parks to visit with your fur friend in Raleigh. 

Dogs off leash at a dog park playing around

Oakwood Dog Park

910 Brookside Dr

Oakwood Dog Park is an off-leash dog area with fenced sections for big and miniature breeds. This park is one of the most popular parks in Raleigh because of the site and the size and location of the park. However, keep in mind that this park is not really filled with grass, so be aware. Ranging from 12 acres of space, this park is a popular destination near the historic Oakland community. 

Carolina Pines Dog Park

2305 Lake Wheeler Rd

Carolina Pines Dog Park is about 40 acres of space that features a community center, sports courts, playgrounds, and the room for your best friend to roam free in. From water taps to climbing platforms, there are other things for your dogs to enjoy here while they are running around with other friends. 

Dorothea Dix Dog Park

1800 Umstead Dr

Dorothea Dix Dog Park is an area where your fur friends can run, romp, and relax at the off-leash dog park at Dix Park. There are other areas throughout the park that dogs can be in but have to be leached. The park has areas for small and large dogs as well as natural shade to keep them cool in the summer heat. 

Millbrook Dog Park

1905 Spring Forest Rd

Millbrook Dog Park is next to the high school and is on about 69 acres of land. This park exchanges a variety of recreational opposites all in one area. There are also water fountains, picnic tables, benches, shade, lights, and many other things to enjoy around the dog park while your fur friend is running around. This is also home to Raleigh's oldest dog park that was opened in April 2003.

Buffaloe Road Dog Park

5908 Buffaloe Rd

Buffaloe Raod Dog Park is a part of the Athletic Park, which hosts NCAA events and for city league teams, but your pups can also enjoy part of the 165-acre space in a fenced-in dog park area. With the area covered in wood chips, this is a perfect place to let your dog run around and get their energy out, while there are areas for small and large dogs. 

2. Dog Friendly Businesses

Many businesses throughout Raleigh are dog-friendly or have dog-friendly patios where you can enjoy a drink or a meal with your fur friend by your side. Some of these places may also allow friendly lashed dogs inside their stores, which is a great way to beat the heat with your pet. Remember that every place has its own rules, so just understand ahead of time when or if your fur friend can come along for the journey. 

Dog friendly place in Raleigh with owner outside

Below are places your dog can come with you on their outside patio:

And many others...

Here are some places where dogs are allowed inside the business as well:

We recommend calling ahead to these places before going to make sure. Places may change their restrictions over time. 

3. Treats, Supply, and Toy Stores

Of course, your dog is allowed in all treat, supply, and toy stores. Pick up any pup essentials at these most popular downtown storefronts. Do not forget, your pup deserves some spoiling and shopping time as well, so bring them along for the ride here.

Homemade dog treats

Here are some of the best storefronts in downtown Raleigh. 

4. Pet Services

From parks to shopping, your dog may be in need of some pet services. You are in safe hands with these pet professionals throughout Raleigh. Whether you need grooming, pet supplies, vet care, dog walking, or dog sitting, Raleigh has it. 

Each and every business offers something different as well as different services. Research the best place for your dog so you feel the most comfortable. The city of Raleigh praises caring for their fur friends so that you can use many different things throughout the city. 

Happy white dog at a groomers

5. West Street Bar

400 W North Street

West Street Bar is Raleigh's new indoor dog park and bar. The main feature here is that it doubles as a bar for humans and their furry companies and an indoor park for your dog where it is off-leash. 

There are a couple of things you need to do ahead of visiting West Street Bar, and those are...

  • Download the West St Dog app
  • Set up a profile and make sure you download your dog's paperwork (rabies shots, kennel cough shots, spayed/neutered info, etc.).
  • Choose from a variety of membership options (or drop in option)
  • Head over and enjoy

This bar has many features that make it a great place to visit. If you are in need of work while being here, they offer strong WiFi where you can work on site while your fur friend plays. If you need to leave, you can drop your dog off at the daycare on-site for them to have fun. 

The staff's priority of their bar is the dogs. You are in charge of looking after your dog while you are here, but there is also trained staff on-site to ensure everyone is playing fairly and nicely so everyone has a good time. This is a new hidden gem that is a must-try. 

6. Breweries

If you are a dog owner and a beer lover, you are in luck because Raleigh is home to several dog-friendly breweries where you can enjoy a cold beer with your four-legged friends by your side. 

Many breweries throughout Raleigh are pet-friendly and offer large spaces where dogs are allowed in. However, these settings typically are on leach, so make sure you have your fur friend by your side while you are visiting. 

Dog-friendly breweries are becoming more popular as people are searching for more ways to spend time with their dogs outside of their houses. Breweries offer a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy human company as well as your dogs enjoying other dogs' company. 

There are many benefits to visiting dog-friendly vewiest. Socializing with your dogs is very important, as well as meeting other dog owners and making sure friends. Since most are smaller chains, it is also a great way to support local businesses. Breweries are a great way to spend time with your fur friend. Here are some of the most popular dog-friendly breweries to visit.

  • Raleigh Brewing Company: Not only do they allow dogs inside the taproom, but they also offer a spacious outdoor area as well as a dog water fountain. 
  • Neuse River Brewing Company: Large outdoor seating area and a dog park right next door to the brewery. 
  • Raleigh Beer Garden: Large outdoor seating area where dogs are welcomed, as well as a dog menu with treats and water. 

Many other dog-friendly breweries offer something for your fur friend, too. If you are a beer lover, this may be the perfect place for you and your fur friend to visit. 

7. Museums

North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh is pet friendly, with over 2 miles of trails that weave around the park. You and your leashed pup will come across many unique sculptures as well as water stations to keep the dogs hydrated. 

If you are an art lover and want to take your pup on a walk, visit the art museum to change up the scenery. Many people also like to come to this museum to take pictures because of the beautiful scenery. 

Many dog owners highly recommend the super peaceful and easy hike. Many people do not know that their dog is allowed here, so it is not very packed with pups. Make sure you keep your dog leashed up, however, at all times when visiting the museum. 

Dog waste on trails around Raleigh NC


Is Raleigh a dog-friendly city?

Downtown Raleigh is home to many dog-friendly areas where you can enjoy a peaceful walk, a drink, a meal, or some fresh air with your fur friend. Some even allow leashed dogs inside storefronts as well. 

Where can I walk my dog in Raleigh, NC?

There are many dog parks as well as trails that allow dogs throughout Raleigh. Each trail offers something different, so try out all the different paths to find the best fit for you and your pup. 

Is Raleigh Times a dog-friendly place?

Yes, Raleigh Times is located in the heart of downtown and is a historic bar that invites you and your dogs to be unique on the patio while enjoying drinks and classic grub. 

Where is the safest city for dogs?

Raleigh is ranked as the #1 dog-friendly city in a MarketWatch study, with an index of 80.3. From their findings, dogs love the southern living, so most southern places rank high on the list. 

Best Places to Take Your Dog in Raleigh, NC

If you're a dog owner living in Raleigh, you're probably curious about the pet-friendly places you can take your four-legged friend to. Fortunately, Raleigh is very welcoming towards dogs, with many parks, trails, shopping, dining, and other city activities, all pet-friendly.

This ideal place for dog owners offers a multitude of resources and activities for pets, from pet-friendly locations to wide open spaces with fresh air. From all the spots for your animal to get pampered, socialize, or even rest, there is something for everyone, especially the four-legged friends. 

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