8 Best Coffee Shops in Raleigh

8 Best Coffee Shops in Raleigh

Best Coffee Shops in Raleigh

What are the best coffee shops in Raleigh, North Carolina? We have you covered with the guide to the best cup of joe!

As a local real estate company that specializes in helping people buy and sell homes in Raleigh, we love bringing you all the great local content we can from brunch and restaurants to breweries to Raleigh's best coffee shops!

Although our Realtors and Real Estate Website are focused on assisting homebuyers with their move to Raleigh, we like to keep you informed on all of the good things Raleigh has to offer! If you are moving to Raleigh, reach out to one of our Raleigh Real Estate Agents and let us know how we can help with your move to the triangle!  

Looking for a Raleigh Coffee Shop? Stick with us while we take you on a caffeinated tour of the best coffee shops in Raleigh. There is no shortage of independent coffee shops in Raleigh, and most are dedicated to supporting their community by using local ingredients. Whether you prefer no-nonsense options like black drip coffee- sans cream and sugar, or opt for a flavorful, milky creation, there is a coffee shop in Raleigh calling your name! 

Sir Walter Coffee Shop

One of the best coffee shops in Raleigh is Sir Walter, located right across the street from City Market. With its retro atmosphere, bright orange seating, and eclectic artwork, Sir Walter is the epitome of comfort and craft. Always friendly, Sir Walter baristas whip up traditional espresso beverages like lattes and cappuccinos, but can also craft some pretty unexpectedly tasty coffee cocktails. The Coffee Julep is the perfect unique blend of coffee, honey, and mint! Sir Walter offers an all-day breakfast menu including bagels, burritos, croissant sandwiches, and flatbreads. The spiked tea cocktails are a unique treat that can be found only at this Raleigh coffee shop! Sir Walter’s trademark “Pay It Forward” board right by the coffee bar, allows customers to give back. Pay ahead for a beverage for a nurse, first responder, veteran, or even a friend of yours, and show their name on Sir Walter’s colorful chalkboard!

Brew Coffee Shop

It wouldn't be an article on Raleigh's best coffee shops without Brew. Great coffee, great service, and a great shop! Brew is a local Raleigh coffee shop with locations in and around the Downtown Raleigh area. Inside the Brew coffee shop, you will find that regulars keep their mugs behind the bar and that you also have the opportunity to purchase coffee to bring home with you. 

One of the best parts of the Brew coffee shop is the mix of a relaxed, cozy atmosphere while also being a great place to conduct business or get work done. With multiple locations Inside The Beltline, you are never far from a Brew coffee shop. Brew is a fan favorite in Raleigh and is one you have to try if you're looking for a truly great coffee shop!


Making the cut as Bon Appetit’s Top 50 Restaurants of 2019, this Raleigh Coffee Shop is eager to impress Raleigh! Delivering a tranquil, breezy atmosphere, Heirloom perfectly marries the various cultures and offerings of Laos, Taiwan, and Japan. This coffee shop in Raleigh is located in Raleigh’s warehouse district- a progressively growing area of Raleigh with neighboring hot spots like Morgan Street Food Hall and Dillon Luxury Apartments! Showcasing a giant bay window that allows natural light to pour through the entire space, every nook of this Raleigh coffee shop provides the perfect setting for a business meeting, date, or remote workspace.

While harboring all the qualities of a coffee shop in Raleigh, Heirloom is also a sake bar with many refreshing beers, wine, and cocktail options. Heirloom boasts an expansive food menu as well so customers can savor an Asian-inspired dish for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! A few noteworthy dishes to keep in mind the next time you visit are the peanut chili noodles, and slow-roasted kurobuta (or pork belly). If you can’t resist the cookie case, enjoy the Taiwanese Pineapple Blondie- a chewy brown sugar blondie with a layer of Heirloom’s pineapple jam, made in-house!


Jubala comes to the mind of any Raleigh locals when thinking of the best coffee shops in Raleigh. With a location in Lafayette Village and another on Hillsborough street right near NC State, Owner Andrew Cash is driven to produce quality treats and beverages in order to bring the community together. As a Raleigh native, Cash is committed to investing in his city and views Jubala as a tool to do so. All employees are trained to meet the standards of Jubala and have mastered the techniques of creating espresso beverages. All of the food items at Jubala along with syrups and jams are made in-house using ingredients local to the triangle area! This Raleigh coffee shop serves biscuits and biscuit sandwiches that are among the best in Raleigh. These pleasant pillowy snacks pair perfectly with one of their many homemade jams like apple butter or blueberry compote! Don’t forget to check out their monthly calendar for community events hosted by Jubala such as Free Espresso Fridays along with live music! 

Morning Times 

Morning times is one of the best coffee shops in downtown Raleigh and is the first stop in the A.M. for many downtown dwellers and commuters! This neighborhood cafe has been serving Counter Culture Coffee from Durham since 2006. Famous for their sizable breakfast burritos, and grand neon pink “Coffee” sign at their entrance, Morning Times is everything you could want in a downtown coffee shop. Morning Times boasts a full breakfast menu, seasonal bakery items, and drinks like the maple latte in the fall season! The first floor of this Raleigh coffee shop is where the daily regulars meet up and chat, while the upstairs is a desired spot reserved for the hushed coffee drinkers and busy workers. 


Sola is a family-owned coffee shop in Raleigh delivering a full menu of artisan foods, craft beer, and handcrafted coffee drinks. Sola is home to the infamous “I believe in Raleigh” mural painted on the side of the building, and also the maker of Raleigh’s beloved hot mini donuts! Sola collaborates with one of Raleigh’s favorite ice cream spots, Two Roosters, to create their signature flavor “Sola Cinnamon Donut”. With tons of natural light, indoor and outdoor seating options, Sola provides the perfect atmosphere to enjoy any of their numerous menu choices ranging from breakfast bowls and lunch sandwiches to bakery treats and smoothie bowls! However, their never-ending menu does not take away from the quality and integrity of their coffee drinks- visit Sola to enjoy a latte that is equal parts creamy and bitter!

42 & Lawrence

42 & Lawrence is a coffee shop in Raleigh that is truly one-of-a-kind. This Raleigh coffee shop- or “coffee lab” is home to baristas turned scientists who experiment with Larry’s Coffee to create unique coffee creations! A quick stop and you are on your way in this Downtown Raleigh coffee shop. While still masters of traditional espresso beverages, baristas here have invented deliciously uncommon concoctions like the Cinnamon Toast Latte and the 42 Spice on Ice made with chocolate, espresso, spicy cayenne pepper, and cinnamon! With the aesthetic of an Italian espresso bar, 42 & Lawrence is a sleek yet low-key spot with an upbeat and intriguing staff. Located close to some of the best downtown restaurants, this Raleigh coffee shop also offers kombucha and nitro cold brew on tap, croissants, and pastries, and turns into a wine bar in the evening! 


Owner and pastry chef Daniel Benjamin dedicated this Raleigh coffee shop to his two daughters.- Lucette and Grace. Sitting parallel to Fayetteville Street, this Raleigh coffee shop is in the heart of downtown. Lucettegrace mimics a French bakery in terms of esthetics, design, and delicate pastries. When it comes to deciding on a treat to accompany your handmade cappuccino, the options are endless! Lucettegrace serves quiche, both sweet and savory pastries, and freshly baked cakes. However, keeping true to its French ambiance, the star of the show at Lucettegrace is the macaron! Every dainty treat baked with intention and integrity, this Raleigh coffee shop is known to offer unique macaron flavors like French toast, key lime pie, and birthday cake! Turn your macaron into an ice cream sandwich, or order one of Lucettegrace’s trademark macaron towers for your next celebration!

Final thoughts on the best coffee shops in Raleigh

With Raleigh growing so fast it's hard to keep up with all of the new coffee shops popping up all over the Triangle.

When it comes to the best coffee in Raleigh, you will find some of the best places located downtown and spread throughout the city, as well as in neighboring towns. It's likely you'll find some amazing coffee shops in Raleigh located close to your home as well if you're now living here. We are frequent visitors to Starbucks though we love to support our local Raleigh coffee shops any time we have the chance to. As a local real estate business ourselves, we find supporting local Raleigh-owned businesses is something we enjoy! 

Have a coffee shop you love that didn't make our list? Drop us a comment below and we will be sure to check it out!

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